Mullum Sessions #5: Welcoming Leo Rondeau back to this area for the third time.

Leo Rondeau (USA) deals in stories candid and honest and plainspoken. Based in Nashville TN, his own story finds root in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, where Rondeau grew up surrounded by country music listeners and pickers spanning three generations. “It was always around me,” he says.

This aspect of his adolescence bolstered an unwavering sense of self and place in his work that sets Rondeau apart from his musical peers. A child of the rural American west and owning a family lineage in the Turtle Mountain band of the Chippewa Indian tribe, his own history and worldview are engrained in the lines of his songs. This is about a type of honesty that means more than simply telling the truth. It's a voice that either lives within you or does not.


Video: 'Resistance In My Blood' 

Supported by a very talented young singer songwriter Naomi Connell, from the Gold Coast.


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